Stories from Hawaii

Black and White - Surfer Kid at Kailua Oahu Hawaii - Seth T. Buckley

Musings by the Surf: Good Vibes and Great Surf at the Kailua Shorebreak Classic

Exuding a retro surf vibe, this photo essay goes black and white and is best paired with a few Dick Dale classics. So crank up the tunes and enjoy some Musings by the Surf at the 14th Annual Kailua Shorebreak Classic.

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Landscaoe Ocean Sunrise Waimanalo Oahu Hawaii - Seth T. Buckley

Chasing the Sun

I’d consider myself a morning person. But there is morning (with sunlight, hot coffee and the latest Economist), and then there is 4:45am, the unconscionable time my alarm is buzzing to wrestle me away from blissful sleep. I am not a huge fan of that morning. But today I on a mission: I am chasing the sun.

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Surfer at Kakaako Honolulu Oahu Hawaii - Seth T. Buckley

Riding the Wave: Surf Culture and the Ocean that Brings It Together

The ocean fascinates me more than any other natural element of this incredible world. In Hawaii I am blessed to have it be a part of my day in a real and tangible way. Wherever I am, the ocean is not far from reach. And if I make effort to spend time near or in the ocean, I cannot help but be changed by it.

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Hiker on Haleakala Summit Maui Hawaii - Seth T. Buckley

This Adventurous Life

I wholeheartedly believe that life is best lived with a healthy dose of curiosity and diligent pursuit of knowledge and new experiences. With these elements, it can be full of wonderful and unexpected adventures. Our world provides endless opportunities to experience different people, cultures, languages, cuisine, and history. There is always more to learn, more to explore, more to share. Life never needs to be boring; it is ordinary only when we allow it to be.

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Kid Surfer at Kailua Oahu Hawaii - Seth T. Buckley

The Great Grommet Incursion is Back at the Kailua Shorebreak Classic

In Hawaii, surfing is huge. I mean, really huge. It is a vibrant community and fascinating culture. There is no better manifestation of this culture than the annual Kailua Shorebreak Classic, a free keiki (kids) surf competition held in memorial of four beloved surfers and watermen. The event is always awash with camaraderie, adventure, and spirit.

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Haleakala Summit Maui Hawaii - Seth T. Buckley

Visual Musings: Haleakalā, the House of the Sun

In this photo essay, nature is in the spotlight as I offer a few images of the breathtaking summit of Haleakalā, a dormant volcano on the Island of Maui. Steeped in ancient geological history and Hawaiian culture, it is a rich, dynamic and compelling world ten thousand feet above our own. May Haleakalā inspire you to enjoy and experience the wonder of our natural world and reflect on its power, beauty and mystery.

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