Musings by the Surf: Good Vibes and Great Surf at the Kailua Shorebreak Classic.

Hurricane Lane could only postpone the inevitable. The Kailua Shorebreak Classic was back in full throttle on October 20th at Kalama Beach Park. Celebrating the lives of four legendary Kailua surfers and watermen, the free amateur surf competition represents much more than showcasing some crazy talented keiki. It is a day committed to community building, environmental stewardship, and (of course) friendly competition. My previous post provides a summary of the Shorebreak Classic and its core tenets.

A brown water advisory for the day meant that … well … the keiki were not dropping in on picturesque azure blue waves. A little Dirty Water, however, would not discourage these grommets from a day of sun and surf. Brown or blue, there were waves to conquer.  

To photogenically avoid the Yoo-Hoo dilemma, I dusted off my black-and-white photography toolkit. While this is a seldom-used style for me, I hope that the images can uniquely capture the faces, emotions, and relationships of this vibrant surf culture.  

Exuding a retro surf vibe, this photo essay is best paired with a few Dick Dale classics. So crank up the tunes and enjoy some Musings by the Surf at the 14th Annual Kailua Shorebreak Classic.

As the sun rises above the horizon, the keiki dawn patrol ushers a high contrast beginning to the 2018 Kailua Shorebreak Classic at Kalama Beach Park, as the grommets take to the waves in the first heat of the day.

Knowing the breaks and reading the waves is critical to success in any competitive heat. Dad helps point out strategic spots to drop in before the heats begin, but right before the horn sounds, it is up to the keiki contestant for the final read.

This premier amateur event is the perfect opportunity for the competitors to shred in the shorebreak and showcase their incredible skills. Each year, the talent bar rises exponentially, and these incredible kids are pushing the boundaries of surf.

Of course, just because this is a prestigious and competitive event, it doesn’t mean the teens can’t have a little fun in the sun and surf.

Girl power is on display at the Shorebreak Classic. From ripping in the surf to a classic hang-ten, the female contestants show they are more than capable of keeping up with the boys.

Throughout the day, the common theme was excited kids with big smiles. And that makes for a pretty good day.

When the smallest groms take to the waves, there are parents, siblings, and friends in the water protecting and teaching them. Everyone in the community has an important role to play. On this day, ‘ohana thrives.

For those youngsters that are left on the beach while big brother or sister hit the surf, a little play is necessary to pass the time, preferably with friends or, in the alternative, some sand and imagination.

At the end of a long day, the joy exhibited on the young faces leave no doubt as to the success of the event. On days such as this, the legacies of the honored watermen stand tall.

Hope to see you on the beach next August!