Aloha! My name is Seth; I am an attorney, photojournalist, and writer in Honolulu, Hawai‘i.

I work with nonprofit organizations, NGOs, and missionaries in Hawai‘i and abroad to document the extraordinary people and cultures they serve, and to illuminate the social, political, and religious issues facing these communities. See more about my services.

I am truly blessed to call Hawai‘i my home and, in addition to my projects abroad, I love to explore the stories that make these islands one of the most unique and vibrant places on earth.


Photojournalism and writing are my tools for storytelling in a beautiful, messy, and complicated world. In all of my creative work, the foundation has been to learn about and experience cultures different from my own, to understand and appreciate them on a more intimate level, and to share them with anyone who is interested. Read more about me.

The world is a fascinating place, full of wonderful people, extraordinary cultures, and delightfully diverse cuisines. Great stories surround us. My photojournalism and writing journey is an attempt to capture just a few.

Thanks for stopping by and spending a part of your day with me. Feel free to contact me with questions or to collaborate. I look forward to hearing from you!



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