Fundraising - Kids with Futbol

Photojournalists are more important than ever in the world of storytelling for change.

Even though I freely give my time and creative work, photography and journalism still have associated costs that can be prohibitive for small NGOs and nonprofit organizations. Unfortunately as a result, these projects and the communities they serve can be left without a storytelling advocate.

So let’s change the status quo.

Each year I raise funds that allow me to capture important narratives of NGOs and nonprofit organizations that cannot afford to partner with photographers and journalists. Money should not be a barrier for these projects and communities to tell their stories.

How You Can Help

You can play a vital role in this effort.

Fundraising is accomplished in various ways, depending on the assignment and location, and you can always give a tax-deductible donation to the general fund for future assignments. Please note that I do not take any profit from assignments; donations are used exclusively for project-related expenses.

As a donor, you have the opportunity to be the first to see photos on assignment, hear stories from the field, receive prints and other materials from our projects, and even to give feedback on what projects we will undertake! More importantly, you help to bring a voice to those who may not have it.

To learn more or to donate, please contact me.

What Specific Projects Am I Exploring?


NGO’s mission is to rebuild schools affected by natural disasters and help communities in underprivileged areas to receive a better education. Their main activities/projects include: rebuilding schools, providing new and safe classrooms, supplying furniture, as well as educational toys, books, and stationaries. Additionally, they provide and facilitate suitable training programs for the teachers and students.


Sumba, Indonesia


Fall 2019

Fundraising Goal


Fundraising - School