Freelance Services

I'd love to work with you! I am available worldwide for freelance photography, research, editorial and grant writing, and other assignments. Just contact me to help share your story!

Nonprofit Organizations and NGOs

For non-profit organizations and NGOs in Hawai‘i and abroad, I love to collaborate with you to help bring your stories to a broader audience and donor base. Whether it is serving a particular place or people group, or dedication to broader issues that affect our global community, it would be a privilege to partner with you to share your passion and projects with the world.


There is a special place in my heart for those missionaries serving abroad. You sacrifice much in service to a specific location, cause, and/or people group. Photojournalism can help to bring the people and culture that you passionately serve back home to your communities, churches, friends, and donors. Hopefully my work with you can allow others to better understand and love the people, place, and culture as you do.

Photo courtesy of  Cloudbreak Photography

Photo courtesy of Cloudbreak Photography


Hawai‘i is home, and I am always exploring the stories that make these islands truly one of the most unique and vibrant places on earth. It’s culture is diverse; it’s food is extraordinary; it’s landscape is enthralling. The people of Hawai‘i are creative, passionate, and resilient. However, life is not always paradise in the Aloha State. We face many challenging issues, such as environmental protection, income inequality, education, and preservation of cultural traditions. White sandy beaches are only a part of the story; I endeavor to authentically capture a more complete narrative. If you are passionate about an issue or story in Hawai‘i, I would love to explore it with you!